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Many of the roles JIS Recruitment deal with are suitable for recent graduates and will provide crucial experience and training required to start your career. 


Here are a few points worthy of noting: 

You may often find that you cannot initially get a job in your preferred sector (e.g.Human Resources).  You should certainly then consider taking ANY SUITABLE JOB IN ANY RELATED SECTOR to get valuable industrial experience.  It will give you an advantage when you do get an opening in your preferred sector. 

At this stage of your career you should consider any form of professional employment, so do consider temporary and contract work.  More often than not this may lead to a permanent post anyway.  While you are in a temporary role you can still job search for permanent roles or roles in your preferred sector.

If you are a recent graduate do not focus your hopes on one particular job or one particular company / institution.  Try to be more open and flexible in your job searches.

As a recent graduate, you may be able to accept jobs in more than one geographical area.  Professional jobs in the UK are not uniformly distributed.  There are areas of the UK with far more white collar professional jobs than others, so try to be flexible in your location

Think long term. Consider taking a lower paid job in a sector you are interested in above a higher paid role in a non-relevant sector. It will get you vital experience and that will eventually lead to higher pay or a better suited job in your chosen sector.  It could also tide you over until a job in your preferred sector is available.

Be realistic in your salary and job expectations.  Your very first job in industry is unlikely to be highly paid or exciting, but will lead to better pay and a brighter future.

View a list of our current jobs ranging from temporary to permanent vacancies across the UK in a variety of sectors:

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